Org R Sandbox

May 25, 2020
Academic, Meta

This post presents the workflow of interacting with R in org mode. I am mainly seeking three functions in this workflow: automatic output; persistent R session across multiple source blocks; ability to present both codes and outputs. Preparation org-babel for executing and tangling source blocks ESS for interacting directly with R in emacs through the inferior R process Instruction set up proper sub-tree/buffer header arguments, for this blog post I used sub-tree header arguments: :header-args:R: :session *R* :exports both :eval no-export run org-bable-execute-src-block (or on sub-tree/buffer level) to produce outputs in the text area Example Plot output For the following code block, I used the source block header arguments #+begin_src R :results output graphics file :file test. ...

My Doom Emacs Configuration

Sep 8, 2020

Figure 1: Emacs main window in iTerm2 Figure 2: Emacs quickshow window with Org agenda Intro Forewords A few words about my background. I’m a researcher in the field of educational science. I am no programmer, other than borrowing codes from stack overflow all the time. My experience with plain text editors started with writing monkey,and then Sublime Text. But Emacs quickly replaced almost every app in both my work and leisure workflow. ...