Who is speaking?

Hi there, this is Eejain.

Many tags can be attached to me: gender-queer, born and raised Chinese, a half-made geek plus self-taught scribbler, a young scholar dangling between publish or perish, and an enthusiast with all things quaint yet profound.

But none of them will stick.

Pared to the bone, I am just a curious soul that wants to share bits and pieces of thoughts with you.

Where is this place?

Here on this site, I wrote about technology, academia and life in general. They are possibly opinionated but guaranteed to be honest. And on the flip side, I avoid documenting brief passing thoughts and plain life events. Those writings can be better approached by using social media, personal journal, and a good old diary.

This virtual folio starts as a serious writing practice outside academia, an earnest attempt to speak in my real voice about things that resonates with me. Things that maybe trivial and obscure, but at one point, rippled through my stream of consciousness and finds their niche.

So it flows. 1

  1. The symbols in the website title represent the 59th hexagram in I Ching. It’s called 渙 (dispersing), depicting how wind blows water, causing dispersion and regathering in a fluid fashion. 『易經.渙卦.象曰:「風行水上,渙;先王以享于帝立廟。 ↩︎

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